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Kate's Corner
... because the details matter

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How it arises

Autumn leaves


Inspiration can come from anywhere: wildlife, a good book, a movie, music, architecture. Sometimes, is it a colour, interesting stone or some fleeting impression…

Soutache design


Occasionally I draft my design on paper, but generally, I prefer to gather the materials I would like to use and let the idea come together in my head.

Soutache work


I create my jewellery using two techniques: soutache embroidery and bead embroidery, which I often combine into a single piece. Both are very delicate and require a lot of patience, but the result is well worth the effort!

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Kate Francik

My story

Hi, my name is Kate.

I have always believed that the true meaning of a thing can be found in the details. As a life-long lover of hand-made crafts, one of the most exciting things for me is to try and capture that beautiful spark of character in each piece I create. For me, a seemingly small piece of jewellery can hide hidden meaning in its intricacies.

As a lover of minimalism, but also a person who loves to highlight her individuality, the making and wearing of unique jewellery has become a great way to express myself.

I believe there are more women like me, and I create my jewellery for them because I know that less is more and the detail matters.