Projects / Soutache Fairytales · 3 July 2022

Soutache Fairytales – Sleeping Beauty

Soutache Fairytales

Sleeping Beauty

I would like to tell you about an unusual project.

Imagine a group of 82 female artists. They share a passion for creating jewellery, soutache and beaded jewellery. Each artist is talented, each has her own original art style.  For some of them, making jewellery is a profession, for others, it is a hobby. All of them have a passion for creating beautiful little things. Everyone has also met Urszula Łęczycka-Jeziorska on their way.

Who is Urszula? She is an artist of scenography techniques, costume designer and theatre and film makeup artist. And she is the originator of the Soutache Fairytales project.

What is it? Soutache Fairytales aims to be a collection of fairytale-inspired costumes. Their common feature, apart from the designer, is decorations made in the soutache technique.

Urszula banded us around the project and asked us to make two pairs of symmetric earring elements. We only knew the colour palette and size of the elements.

Then the magic started! 328 unique elements were created. Among them were mine too.

Soutache elements

The fairy-tale series of exhibitions was opened by Sleeping Beauty. The costume was presented during the Polish National Night of Museums on 14 May 2022.

As part of the project, a photo session was also created. Ola Borcz played the role of Sleeping Beauty. She is a model with extraordinary, ethereal beauty and silvery hair. Yes, yes, it’s her natural colour! Urszula invited photographer Jola Borisevic to participate in the project, with whom she collaborated on more than one session – she transports us into the land of fairytales. Make-up is the work of Julia Karol.

The set was assisted by: Monika Puchrowicz and Ewa Michalska.

Organization and coordination of the project: Urszula Twarowska, Monika Puchrowicz, Zuzanna Pieńkowska, Ewa Michalska.

The Soutache Fairytales project is not the first one that I have been involved in. I was a part of the projects Princess of Soutache and Queen of the Setting Sun. I will tell you about them soon.

Thank you for being part of this project! It was a very exciting time!

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