Green Jasper Soutache Set

This striking green and gold jasper set makes for a bright yet refined addition to your collection. The colour is unusual; these stones are more often a deep red. I used Czech Pega soutache cords and Czech beads to complete this piece.

Merry CHristmas

Merry Christmas!  The fairy lights are up, the smell of warm mince pies fills the air and there are mountains of presents to wrap. Wishing you a happy, sparkly season.

Preciosa Contest “Ball, Masks”

Carnival balls may are over, but the sparkles are still here… This is my entry to the Balls and Masks competition organised by Preciosa, makers of traditional Czech beads. Imagine my joy when I discovered that my piece had won first place! The prize was 1kg of their splendid beads. I loved making this set, and now I’m off to make some more!

Grey Necklace

This handmade necklace is made of air-drying clay. I bought this clay for my daughter, but unfortunately it wasn’t good enough for very precise elements she needed. I tried to use it in my work and it proved to be a good idea. This air-drying clay is light, easy to form and good to paint on.  Each bead was painted in acrylic and varnished. The coloured beads have been decorated with glass crystals. It  looks nice with a grey winter sweater.

Flowers – necklace

Flowers are blooming in my flowerpots on the balcony. Is spring coming? Really? Cross your fingers it’s true. Anyway, spring is already in my studio.

Blue Agate – Necklace

Agate is one of my favourite stones. When I first saw this blue and white slice I didn’t doubt for a moment what to do with it. The pendant which you can see here is covered with glass beads and completed with some fresh-water pearls. Agates were given their name by Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher and naturalist, from Ἀχάτης (Achates), the river where he found them. Now called Dirillo, Sicily, the river has provided colourful agates and other gems for over 3000 years.  

Orange Owl – Necklace

I had been looking for a large orange bead long before I found exactly what I needed. Finally, I got it and at last could do what I had been dreaming about: the orange owl.

Amber Necklace

This is my first soutache piece. I know it’s not perfect, but I am sure the next one will be better. Soutache is a type of hand embroidery, which uses narrow viscose braid cords. These are also called soutache. The name originates from French, meaning a type of  braid cord used to create ornaments on military uniforms. This in turn derives from Hungarian sujtas, meaning braided line. The method for producing ornaments from braid cord was already known in ancient China. Soutache was widely used, particularly to indicate rank in military uniforms, but also in bookbinding. More recently, it found broader…