Earrings – soutache jewellery

Astronomic spring has started on 20th March, one day earlier than most people think. What is great, it will stay like this until the end of the century, and from 2044 it will occasionally even start on the 19th! See the Seasons Calculator. It is time to  put away warm and grey coats – time for bright and energetic colours, just like these earrings. The season for colourful madness is open!

Turquoise Set – Soutache Jewellery

These first sunny days made me think a lot about the summer holidays, warm sea and turquoise water. Spring is coming in a few days but unfortunately I have to wait for the summer holidays until nearly end of July. In the meantime I embroidered this turquoise soutache set. The earrings and pendant present very nicely with a spring dress but can also add a bit of elegance to a simple shirt and jeans.

Purple Bouquet — brooch

Everywhere I look, I see blooming flowers. My balcony is purple and yellow, the daffodils and  crocuses are erupting from their bulbs.  Spring really has arrived – at last! I am so happy! Spring went to Kreatywny Kufer too.The brooch you  see here was designed for their new competition. The challenge this time was to draw inspiration from the photo you can see below.


Flower brooches are popular with my friends.

Purple Bracelet — soutache

Something new in my treasure box. This bracelet is made of hematite, crystal and glass beads, and of course soutache strings. It presents very nicely with casual clothing and when going out.  

Green Brooch – soutache

What was actually planned here was a brooch in many colours of spring. I wasn’t particularly surprised seeing that finally each of these colours was a shade of green: after all, it’s my favourite colour – and the colour of spring as well.

Green brooch

This seems to be the favourite pattern of my friends and family, I wonder why. I’ve done six of them so far and there is still more demand.

Brown Flowers – brooch

It’s just mid-January but the weather is very spring-like and the flowers on my balcony are growing higher and higher, so  my collection of soutache flowers is also growing. This is a brooch which I made for my Mum. She loves brown. By the way, I learnt that chocolate brown is now the new favourite  colour of my daughter. I wonder — why chocolate?!

Flowers – necklace

Flowers are blooming in my flowerpots on the balcony. Is spring coming? Really? Cross your fingers it’s true. Anyway, spring is already in my studio.