Brown Flowers – brooch

It’s just mid-January but the weather is very spring-like and the flowers on my balcony are growing higher and higher, so  my collection of soutache flowers is also growing. This is a brooch which I made for my Mum. She loves brown. By the way, I learnt that chocolate brown is now the new favourite  colour of my daughter. I wonder — why chocolate?!

Toucan – brooch

I took part in a jewellery competition. The topic was Brazil. Unfortunately I didn’t win, but the brooch still looks very nice on my winter sweater.

Dragonfly – brooch

Actually, I thought about an orange owl. Well, the initial idea has evolved a bit.


Spring is coming! And butterflies are too!

Leaf – Brooch

This brooch is a mix of two techniques: soutache and beading.  For filling the petals I used glass beads with their holes covered with metal foil. This made the light  bring out the colours of the beads in a very nice way.