Grey Necklace

This handmade necklace is made of air-drying clay. I bought this clay for my daughter, but unfortunately it wasn’t good enough for very precise elements she needed. I tried to use it in my work and it proved to be a good idea. This air-drying clay is light, easy to form and good to paint on.  Each bead was painted in acrylic and varnished. The coloured beads have been decorated with glass crystals. It  looks nice with a grey winter sweater.

Beads Brancelet

My first bracelet in this technique. I was surprised how many beads I needed. The technique is very time consuming, but the result is worth it. I am sure this will not be the last time I dabble in this technique.


Flower brooches are popular with my friends.

Purple Bracelet — soutache

Something new in my treasure box. This bracelet is made of hematite, crystal and glass beads, and of course soutache strings. It presents very nicely with casual clothing and when going out.  

Green Brooch – soutache

What was actually planned here was a brooch in many colours of spring. I wasn’t particularly surprised seeing that finally each of these colours was a shade of green: after all, it’s my favourite colour – and the colour of spring as well.

Green brooch

This seems to be the favourite pattern of my friends and family, I wonder why. I’ve done six of them so far and there is still more demand.

Brown Flowers – brooch

It’s just mid-January but the weather is very spring-like and the flowers on my balcony are growing higher and higher, so  my collection of soutache flowers is also growing. This is a brooch which I made for my Mum. She loves brown. By the way, I learnt that chocolate brown is now the new favourite  colour of my daughter. I wonder — why chocolate?!

Flowers – necklace

Flowers are blooming in my flowerpots on the balcony. Is spring coming? Really? Cross your fingers it’s true. Anyway, spring is already in my studio.