Owl Brooch

The moon slips out from behind a cloud, bathing the clearing in gentle light and the leaves and grass are outlined in glimmering silver . An owl raises its head, its gleaming eyes reflecting the mystical glow as it sweeps its capturing gave over all that shines below it on the forest floor. Spreading its huge, graceful wings, it launches itself into the dark night, a ghostly silhouette against the golden moon. Ok, this is my new brooch. I hope you like it!

Preciosa Contest “Ball, Masks”

Carnival balls may are over, but the sparkles are still here… This is my entry to the Balls and Masks competition organised by Preciosa, makers of traditional Czech beads. Imagine my joy when I discovered that my piece had won first place! The prize was 1kg of their splendid beads. I loved making this set, and now I’m off to make some more!

Dog Brooch

This is a small dog brooch I made for a young dog lover who is my daughter’s friend. This miniature pooch is enjoying the warm, golden sunshine, as he sprints across the bottle green fields. He swerves past snow white daisies and cheery yellow dandelions, when he catches sight of a beautiful red flower and stops to take in its fresh, sweet smell. Spring is coming everyone! Hope you like the brooch.

Fuchsia & Green – Continued

Fuchsia and green stay with me for longer. I embroidered two more pairs of earrings. Check my shop if you are interested.  

Fuchsia & Green – Soutache Earrings

All my life I was taught that fuchsia and green simply don’t get along at all. I  believed this until I saw  these oval black glass beads with fuchsia and green stripes. I present to you my new fuchsia & green  soutache earrings! They are a burst of colour like pink flowers on a lush green meadow in the spring time.

Earrings – soutache jewellery

Astronomic spring has started on 20th March, one day earlier than most people think. What is great, it will stay like this until the end of the century, and from 2044 it will occasionally even start on the 19th! See the Seasons Calculator. It is time to  put away warm and grey coats – time for bright and energetic colours, just like these earrings. The season for colourful madness is open!

Turquoise Set – Soutache Jewellery

These first sunny days made me think a lot about the summer holidays, warm sea and turquoise water. Spring is coming in a few days but unfortunately I have to wait for the summer holidays until nearly end of July. In the meantime I embroidered this turquoise soutache set. The earrings and pendant present very nicely with a spring dress but can also add a bit of elegance to a simple shirt and jeans.

Cardinal — Beaded brooch

This beaded brooch was made for a red jewellery challenge. Why did I yet again choose a bird? My friends know that my family are bird watchers. We love long walks and spy on wild birds. So no wonder that when I heard about the red competition I decide to create this stunning cardinal. What can be more red than this small bird that lives in North and South America? Nothing! I absolutely adore these feathered wonders and I hope that you will enjoy my brooch as much as I enjoy these beautiful birds.

Purple Bouquet — brooch

Everywhere I look, I see blooming flowers. My balcony is purple and yellow, the daffodils and  crocuses are erupting from their bulbs.  Spring really has arrived – at last! I am so happy! Spring went to Kreatywny Kufer too.The brooch you  see here was designed for their new competition. The challenge this time was to draw inspiration from the photo you can see below.

Alice In Wonderland — competition

Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite books. I was also impressed by the Tim Burton film. So, no wonder that I decided to take part in a competition organised by the Kreatywny Kufer blog for a handmade jewellery item inspired by Alice in Wonderland. When I read this book for the first time, I was eight or nine then,  it was a big surprise for me that flamingos and hedgehogs were actually used in Wonderland to play croquet! I had no doubt  what I should do – a flamingo! This is my film inspiration.