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Caring for Soutache Jewellery

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Soutache jewellery is very beautiful and unique. However, due to the materials used, it is also very delicate. Today I have some advice on how you can look after your soutache jewellery so that it stays beautiful forever. I hope you find this helpful!

Protecting jewellery against dirt and discolouration

Always put your jewellery on after you have finished applying your makeup or perfume. This helps to avoid any accidental stains from foundation or discolouration caused by the perfume. Also, make sure that any creams, balms or self-tanning products are thoroughly absorbed and dry. Stains from these, particularly the self-tan, are very difficult to remove.

When storing your jewellery, remember to keep it away from direct sunlight; it is a textile product so it can fade with too much exposure.

Storing soutache jewellery

Soutache jewellery should be stored in a dry and airy place. Take care to keep it flat and avoid any deformation. The best option is to store it in a dedicated box, but a chiffon bag is also a good alternative. In this way,  you will avoid accidentally pulling delicate strings through the fasteners or hooks of other items of jewellery. Metal and silver elements can darken over time if in contact with oxygen. This is a natural process and can be slowed down by keeping the jewellery stored in a small zip-lock bag.

Remember, don’t put soutache jewellery loose into your handbag or jewellery box. Soutache jewellery doesn’t like a crowd!

Landscape-jasper in a turquoise soutache

Soutache doesn’t like extreme sports

All my soutache jewellery is impregnated. Impregnation makes it more difficult for moisture and dirt to penetrate the silk strands but will not protect them completely. Therefore, avoid bathing with jewellery on or washing it in the washing machine. Sewn products would probably survive (my earrings have been swimming in a lake and one of my brooches emerged unharmed from the washing machine) but anything with glued elements is likely to fall apart. Also, don’t sleep with your soutache jewellery still on.

What happens if it gets dirty or the braid slips?

You can try to wash stained jewellery. Dip a clean sponge in water with a little washing-up liquid. Squeeze out any excess water and gently rub the dirty spot in one direction. Do not scrub it too vigorously! Then, dry the jewellery. After such a cleaning, unfortunately, the impregnation layer will be removed. Therefore, you must impregnate the jewellery again. For impregnation, you can use a hydrophobic spray, like the ones used to protect jackets (available in most sports stores). The best results are obtained after double impregnation.

For silver hooks, chains and ties, wipe them with a chamois cloth to preserve or restore their shine.

Sometimes, the string which is used to make the soutache braid gets snagged or pulled out of place, giving the braid a rumpled appearance. If this happens, you can very gently snip this single piece of string and arrange the rest of it to cover the spot.

And that’s it. Nice and simple but it will let you enjoy your colourful wonders for much longer!

Happy wearing …

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