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Amber necklace
- my first soutache piece

This is my first soutache piece. I know it’s not perfect, but I am sure the next one will be better.

Soutache is a type of hand embroidery, which uses narrow viscose braid cords. These are also called soutache. The name originates from French, meaning a type of  braid cord used to create ornaments on military uniforms. This in turn derives from Hungarian sujtas, meaning braided line.

The method for producing ornaments from braid cord was already known in ancient China. Soutache was widely used, particularly to indicate rank in military uniforms, but also in bookbinding. More recently, it found broader recognition in fashion.

Soutache embroidery was adapted into an art form by artists who created jewellery. Elaborate ornamental design, the use of precious stones and the laborious process of creation made soutache ​​jewellery a sought after and luxurious thing to own. It is purchased mainly by those who love sensational and bold ornaments. Soutache jewellery was popularised by Israeli jewellery designer Dori Csengeri. Her decorations delight with original design, exotic colours and sophisticated shapes.

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